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芝浦工業大学 デザイン工学部 学部長 古屋繁教授
デザイン工学科 生産・プロダクト系 橋田規子教授(デザイン指導)

Shibaura Institute of Technology is located in the center of Tokyo. There are various small companies in Tokyo, with superb craft skills. We are cooperating with companies in Koto ward, Adachi ward, Taito ward and Sumida ward, to develop and commercialize products. Companies are expecting new ideas from students, because they have potentials in coming up with cutting-edge ideas than professional designers, with low cost. Moreover, students are able to enhance their designing abilities, by experiencing the substantial ideation and developing process. Very strict examinations are made by the companies, until the prototyping phase. The examination points, are on the developed idea’s novelty, esthetics and the possibility in fulfilling the fair price for selling the ideated product.

Shibaura Institute of Technology Dept. Engineering and Design
Dean Prof. Shigeru Furuya, Prof. Noriko Hashida